The Vehicle


Our vehicle is a self-construction prototype, made by the Co-pilot Hillel Segal. The engine is BMW 3000 Diesel, programmed by special racing software.

Suspensions, Steering system, Gearbox and Differential are original Mitsubishi. Shock observers made by ORAM Italy. The body is Aluminum building.

 Our vehicle will compete in the category of self-construction T1.2

(T1=self construction vehicle, .2=Diesel motor)

Technical Specifications


  • Dimensions: Length – 4.20 m, width – 2.00 m, height – 2.00 m
  • Engine: BMW, Turbo Diesel, six-cylinder in line, 3,000 cc, 250 hp
  • Mitsubishi-made assemblies: steering, suspension, brakes, transmission, transfer and differentials
  • Chassis:
  • Shell: Aluminum
  • Self weight: 1,980 kg
  • Spare tires: 3 wheels
  • Jack: A set of built-in hydraulic self-lifting
  • Heatsink: Rear
  • Fuel tank capacity: 250 liters
  • Fuel consumption in 4 – 3.5 kilometers per liter